Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dropping in..

I've been disgustingly busy lately between school, work, photoshoots, trying to get in shape (yes..I have started kickboxing!),dealing with tantrums, being a wife and raising a person...just to name a few things that have stolen my time. I have some posts in mind that I want to write so hopefully I'll get to those ASAP and share some great photos too. Until then I wanted to share that I have a ton to do currently. I have a filthy house, over 3 loads of laundry that need to be put away, photos to edit (sorry Loryn!), friends to visit, working out to do, school work to finish, food to buy and things to put away. Knowing all of this I parked my car at home, walked down the street to Haydens school and we spent a good hour walking home stopping along the way to watch deer, throw sticks & leaves in a stream, watch school buses go by and look at acorns. I didn't look at my phone or think about all the stuff I have to do. I just soaked up her explorative self, all of Her questions and 'i have an idea!' statements. I ate up every request to hold my hand and every idea she had that turned the 5 minute walk (if you have adult sized legs)into a hour long adventure.

I couldn't have accomplished more or spent my time better in that hour if I tried :)

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  1. Love it :)
    She's way more important than my photos! Although I can't promise I'll be patient when it's time for my newborn photos, lol.