Monday, April 11, 2011

Some Pics of a Cute Kid

I can't tell if its the "terrible twos", some sort of evil teething or the fact that I completely fucked up her sleep sched this weekend but H has been quite...unpleasant the last few days. "No" has been heard way too often and melt downs have been happening way too frequently. Im praying for teething or the sleep thing because I am so not down with the double T's.

Even though she has been a little stink lately we still got to spend some great time together after work/school. It was a balmy (Ive never seriously used that word before) 85 degrees here in overpriced lovely New Jersey and we took advantage. We went walking around the grounds of our complex, pet some flowers and drew with chalk. 
I had my camera with me to try to get a close up shot of her smiling face for her birthday invite and couldn't stop taking pics so even though I totally had the wrong lens for these they are still cute.

Girl has quite the little strut

She noticed Daddy pulling up!
"My Beep-Beep!"
Curls to DIE FOR!

so focused
Best picture of the day..and I can't take credit for it. Daddy took this one!

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