Wednesday, September 7, 2011

They're Creepy & They're Cooky

no no, not Cookie Monster..
(although I did meet him and I'm 99% sure he thought I was pregnant which is slightly devastating)
I'm referring to The Addams Family!

I was contacted to see if I would be interested in getting free tickets to The Addams Family play on Broadway in return for a review on my "mom blog." I am so not a musical lover..I like Glee and LOVE Rent (the play. not the movie) but that's about it. I have seen several Broadway shows (its a given when you have gay men for parents) and am always waiting for them to be over because its just so...break-out-into-song-for-no-reason.

I accepted the tickets because I knew my (non-bio) dad, Tom, would love to go and thought it would be a nice day out together while my Dad had an adorable day alone with Hayden. I had zero expectations to like the play and figured I'd probably sit in my seat trying to pick out things I could write about. I worried that I would have nothing good to say and since I refuse to bullshit you guys I was, in all honesty, kinda worried about what to write. 
Luckily, I didn't think about any of this during the play because it was really great!
From the moment that Addams Family music started (you know.."bud duh duh duh- snap snap")
and everyone chimed in with the snapping I started thinking maybe this wouldn't be so bad.

Our seats were amazing! Close, center..not near any horribly smelling people or kids with kicking feet and with a perfect view of everything.

The first actor that caught my attention was the actress playing Wednesday Addams, played by Rachel Potter. to explain her performance...BRILLIANT!
Brad Oscar, who played Uncle Fester, was an amazing dead ringer and hilarious! Roger Rees played Gomez and he felt like he stepped right out of the tv and onto stage. He rocked it.
Jackie Hoffman, playing Grandma, was so amazingly hilarious and brilliant that every time she came on stage laughter immediately followed. Between her awesomely inappropriate innuendos and fart jokes she had young and old cracking up! There were also "ancestors" that were dressed in all white (ya know..because they were ghosts and all) but their intricate outfits were from all different time periods and I loved it so hard!! may be wondering about Morticia. For children of the 80's & 90's, like myself, who grew up on The Addams Family and Addams Family Values movies Angelica Hueston will always be our Morticia..but believe it or not 20+ years later I was open to a new one. Brooke Shields was currently playing Morticia Addams and I wanted to like her. I really really wanted to like her. I have generally always liked her and was fully on her side with that whole closeted gay man Tom Cruise-Postpartum Depression thing but she was less than. Ok..that was generous. She was awful. Aside from her disappointing acting/portrayal and her even worse dancing (seriously..Brooke-don't ever go on DWTS..really, its for your own good) her Morticia walk was too slow and her singing...well, luckily she had few singing numbers but I wouldn't kick you in the shin if you suggested she lip sang during group numbers.
side bar: I was totally Morticia for one halloween! I also had very long hair and would flip it over my face and be "Cousin Itt" so imagine my dismay when Itt (and Thing) only appeared for moments during a curtain opening.

Since I do not want to end with a Brooke Shields bashing I will end by saying that this play was fantastic! I loved it, my dad loved it and more importantly it was a wonderful day spent together. We went and spent far too much money at the M&M store (he has an addiction..that he has now passed to Hayden--she has "emmy em" everything) and even got to see some fun street performers!

AND finally: what I want to know at the end of posts like these (where the blogger got free swag) is "In the end would you have spent the money on this had you not been given it?" and to my surprise my answer is "YUP!"
Great Play. Great Day!

(did I really just end with a rhyme??)

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