Wednesday, November 30, 2011


11/25- Today Im thankful that my grandparents are around to know and love their great granddaughters.

11/26- Today Im thankful that life lead me to all the places I was supposed to be to bring me to meet my husband and start our journey together on this day 9 years ago.

11/27- Today Im thankful for a safe and large suv that is fuel efficient and gets us where we need to or want to go.

11/28-Today Im thankful for a pregnancy that was so easy, a labor that I felt honored to have experienced and a child that was and is a dream.

11/29- Today Im thankful that while we are sad that my in-laws moved to Florida Im thankful that we are able to go visit on a 10 day vacation. We will be there on our 3 year wedding anniversary (and its where we spent our honeymoon when I was 4 months pregnant) so its a full circle trip and should be a hella lot of fun!

11/30-Today Im thankful that I started this blog. I often think its silly and that I never talk about anything entertaining or worth reading but looking back its a nice little journal and it has brought me some lovely e-friends and some awesome opportunities.

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