Wednesday, November 10, 2010

10 of 25

10 random things that you remember from school

1- In first grade I remember going up to a girl whose mom was talking with my mom and asking her if she wanted to be best friends and she said yes lol

2- In 3rd grade I had a pencil box and my "boyfriend" and I would write notes and keep them in there.

3- In 6th grade I had a asshat of a math teacher so my dad went in and made her cry.

4- In 8th grade I thought smoking was cool so a bunch of friends and I went into the woods behind the school and got caught smoking. My dad was so pissed he made me bring him up there while he lectured me.

5- In 11th & 12th grade I would leave for lunch (which wasn't allowed) and one day two of my friends got in the trunk of my suv to sneak them out with me and got caught..oddly enough they let me still leave but made them go back to school.

6- I used to take my dads doctor pads and write notes to get out of school. They called him at the end of the year because I had missed too many days and he covered for me so I could still graduate. 

7-When 9/11 happened I was a senior and had no idea what was going on. Everyone found out well before me but when I did find out I didn't understand the magnitute and decided it was a great reason to leave I did.

8-While one of my friends was waiting in the principals office I went in to talk to her and the principal told me to leave and I said I was just making sure she was ok and he told me to shut up...needless to say my dad swooped in and busted into his office and forced him to apologize to me lol

9- The last day of senior year my friends and I were so excited to leave that we were waiting by the door of our class to run out and when I ran out I fell on my ass

10- I knew my obsession crushes schedule so I would go out of my way to run into him and enjoy lovely walks in the halls that convinced me we were getting married


  1. LOL @ falling when you left school!

    Your daddy really had your back. So sweet! :)

  2. you're dad is the best! never knew about #6! lol