Friday, November 12, 2010

When the babys away...

MIL has Hayden until Tuesday..and I miss her like crazypants but I also love the freedom and lack of responsibility. I often feel bad saying or thinking things like that because it makes me feel like a bad mom....but it doesnt and I think it needs to be said because it is completely normal to love and miss the freedom. AND I am so lucky that I have someone (or several someones) that I trust enough to take care of my daughter to the point of being able to completely relax-knowing she is in the best hands next to mine.
I have been able to get so much done (and nothing done all at the same time), run into stores, meander through the grocery store and actually not forget stuff, reconnect with my husband, attend a work event at night and blast music in my car. 
I love motherhood more than I ever thought I could and I love my daughter more than...well that goes without saying but temporarily gaining that pre-baby freedom and responsibility-less feeling back is so awesome and relaxing..I don't think Ive been a bitch all week.
With that said...I cannot wait to wrap my arms aroung Hayden and squeeze her til she, not really.

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