Thursday, June 30, 2011

Haydens Birthday-Part I

yes, you read that right: part I...that means there is MORE!
Its official-- my baby is TWO!
(actually its been official for a few weeks, I just haven't had a chance to blog)
We celebrated on June 4th with a family and friends gymnastics party!  
I apologize in advance for the horrific picture quality. The flash blew everything up but without it it was so dark so some are blown out and some are (poorly) lightened up in photoshop.

H was overwhelmed at first so this weirdo instructor tried to do a one man show of Jackass to make her you can tell she was not impressed.

Aunts, Grandmas and all sorts of relatives and friends came!

One of the reasons I loved this particular place was because all the boring adults non-kid-toting attendees could still watch all the fun from the comfort of the party area.

My brother is essentially the BEST UNCLE EVER. He was set on making sure H had a good time so he went all out into Crazy Uncle Jarry mode..and she ate it up!

eating it up..

Jumping with Aunt Casey!
Jumping with Aunt Jess!

Enter everyones favorite thing: the foam pit!
my parents in the foam pit...i think this is their next holiday card, don't you??
just chattin with some school friends :-)
So I am an asshole and forgot to take detail pictures..but here is the kids picnic area (they didn't have kids chairs so I thought this was a safer plan.)

the adults tables

Naturally we served Haydens favorite food: Pizza

"Happy Birthday"

Its not a kids birthday party until someone has a melt down! :-)

I specifically asked for no flowers...they're lucky it tasted amazing. It was vanilla and chocolate cakes with raspberry preserves!

there were all sorts of picture issues this day as you can see.

H's Godmother :-)
though we were tired we went home for some present opening!

..and some nose picking

thats why we have kids right? To relive our childhoods by playing with their toys??

birthday kisses!

checking out her new Olivia purse while playing Daddys flut-o-fone from the 90s...yup.
she stole my piece of cake off the counter and devoured a ninja! was her actual birthday on June 8
...and I had work then class so Gammy hung with H and got her to sit on the potty using her super cool new potty thing!

She opened her present from Mommy & Daddy (spoiler alert: it was a bunch of books)

she sang and danced while she ate
she practiced being embarrassed of me so she is all set when shes a teenager

yup..this is the best pic we got.. :-(
but I did make Anthony record her eating her birthday cake since I was at class and here is that cuteness:

...and if that wasn't enough there is a part II so stay tuned because that will have all the details of the party (using pictures taken after the fact of course since I totally forgot)

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  1. HAPPY HAPPY 2nd birthday to your little princess!! Such a special party!! Hope you are doing well!