Thursday, July 14, 2011

Too Much To-Do

As you may know Im currently finishing up an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education. Why an associates? Thats a fantabulous question-I started college in 2002 and aside from a 2 yr break for back surgery Ive been in school since. Ive attended 4 different schools, have earned well over a bachelors degree amount of credits and still have no idea what I want to do with myself. How crazy is that? Ive had 3 majors-business,animal science and ece. I truly feel that this is a circumstance where education and community have failed. I know way too many people (actually the majority of people I know) who have no idea what they want to really "be when they grow up." There is nothing wrong with that except for the fact that we are grown up. I dont ever remember being presented with information about different jobs in the world and how to become any of those things. I only remember hearing that I could be anything I wanted...which would be super had I been given examples and ideas of things I could be. Aside from the obvious jobs I observed as a child in the world I was never talked to about the less obvious. Kids need this! We need to know that there are people who do every and anything and we need to be given the tools to learn about what we could do in life to be our best,most happy selves.

So that was a full on ramble but it brings me back to my frustration with still being in school. I am taking a biology class..and not because I want to. I had to take a lab class nd this was the "easiest"--HA. I previously failed bio at Rutgers University and refuse to do so again so I am taking bio in the summer where its a little easier and all by its lonesome. No other classes to distract me or take time away from the ridiculousness that is me + bio. My current sched looks like this:
m-w: up at 5:45am. Get ready,get lunches,get H up and get to work by 7am. Mommy 2 kids until hubby picks up H around 4:30 then go straight to class. Get home around 8pm and do dishes/make dinner/clean up/edit pictures/be a wife/make lunches for everyone for the next day etc.. go to bed by 10:30pm if Im lucky.
Thurs: starts the same but no class so get home with H around 6:30/7pm and be a mommy and wife until bed.
Fri: my "day off"..and that is in quotes because any mom reading this knows there is no such thing when you are home with your child.

It may just be me but this is a little overwhelming to say the least.
My house is a disaster,my sink over flows with gross dishes,my dishwasher is filled with dishes that need to be put away,my laundry needs to be done even though the laundry I recently did still hasnt been put away, I have piles of baby clothes/toys that need to be organized for consignment,I have pictures that need editing, friends that need phone calls, family that needs visiting, facebook pages that needs "likes" (hint: go to the right and click on 'rambling photographys' fb thingie), cooking that needs to be done and studying that needs to happen. Oh..and Im working with a bff on a special occasion nanny service,, so Ive been doing bridal shows and working for that too. Oooh..and Ive been helping another bff on her non-profit,, all on top of my photography business. So,while Im trying to accomplish any of these bagillion things please do me a solid and go to all aforementioned sites and follow them AND like them on Facebook. You will be given a CaliLand golf-clap if you do!

As a mom does it seem like even when there are just 2 things on your list its 2 too many? whats your to-do list look like today? Are you over overwhelmed? Vent baby vent!

Side bar-this was written on my phone so forgive any spelling mistakes..the buttons are small!
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