Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Operation Paci

Tomorrow will be day 4 of "Operation Paci is only for sleeping" (i really wish I could come up with a better title.) Hayden is extremely attached to her paci and her blankie. I dont care about blankie-its cute when she rubs "taggie" (the tag on the blanket) on her boo boos or nose and I still have my blankie and Im relatively well adjusted....hmmm..

Anyway, I never cared about paci until I started feeling that it was stopping her from talking because she was too busy sucking away..and the thought of the future dental bills gives me heart palpitations so tha's why OPIOFS came to be. Don't get me wrong, Hayden has plenty to say but without paci she has a whole lot more to say and there is nothing stopping her from saying it. Loudly.

I basically hide paci as soon as she wakes up and it reappears for nap time and bedtime. When she asks for it (only about every 4 seconds) I tell her about how shes a big girl and can have it for night night. Its going much better than anticipated and my willpower is shocking. I don't know why I am letting her keep it at night but I think because shes so attached to it I don't want to rip off the band-aid too fast. Probably because Im not ready to hear her crying for it or waking up during the night to soothe her.
I got some books at the library about getting rid of paci and going potty but they all kinda suck so I dont blame her for requesting her other books when I try to read them. She is not ready for potty yet but hopefully I can dedicate a weekend to put her in undies (we have the Gerber kind) and see how she feels about that. One thing at a time though and paci is def more important right now.

In the spirit of randomly changing topics I often see moms post little updates about what their kids are doing and liking so heres mine..
Hayden is wickedly funny and has a fantastic sense of humor.She loves tv just like her parents (unfortunately) and she always asks for Astro Boy, Barney (the show and cd), Yo Gabba Gabba (aka “Gabba Gabba”The show and cd) and Curious George (she prefers the movies.) I love to listen to her sing all the songs in the car and we even have a little dance we do and she says "GO MOMMY" and then I say "GO HAYDEN"--its disgustingly adorable and gives me glimpeses of how cute we will be when she is a little older. She loves milk, sweets (cake, cupcakes, chocolate, ice cream), drawing with a pen (so particular), her vitamins, bikes, shoes, walking in moms high heels and dads sneakers, watching videos of herself (and other kids), night night books, touch and feel books, her uncle jarry, being outside, bubbles, blankie and paci (ugh).

She uses varying intonations when she answers questions-she likes to say  “yyyyeeeessss” or  “nnooooooo” with a silly smile she also answers with 'of course!', 'oh boy, yes!' We love to ask her to make "the face” and she pouts her lips, furrows her brow and looks at you with her head down a little (all while trying not to smile.) She loves to stand in the open fridge while tapping chin and saying “hmmmmmm” (and its adorable--obv) and oddly enough she likes to look through dress up clothes but does not want to dress up--dont even suggest it.

She is 36" tall and wears 24 month clothes but can still fit in 12/18 months and is in size 5 diapers (4s were getting short on her and since she rarely sits still/lays down for a diaper change the 4s weren't fitting properly since I have not perfected my diapering a standing/moving toddler skills yet.)

and Ill leave you with some cuteness:


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