Friday, July 29, 2011

Hayden Birthday Part II

As promised here are the deets of Haydens 2nd Birthday party!!

My BFF/H's godmother designed the invite and I printed it via VistaPrint. I could not have been happier with the results. I ordered 40 invites (they come with envelopes) and 50 Thank you cards (also with envelopes) for about .56 a piece. Not bad in my opinion..especially considering the quality :-)
Figuring that cake plus kids would equal the need for wipes and wanting to keep with the owl theme I made this! It was on the gift table along with the adorably arranged party favors and this sign:
This sign was on the drinks cooler while a sign by the food table read "Whhooooo's Hungry??"

I spent a little more on favors than I wanted to but I really wanted to give the kids (and parents) something that they would all love, use and not just throw away like a lot of the common stuff found in goodie bags. I contacted several Etsy shops and Wendi from So Sew Lovely was SO SO wonderful (yup..that just happened.) She made me these pre-filled crayon wallets which are normally super inexpensive at $8.50 for $6! I also sent her a picture of a fabric I loved but she didn't have in her shop and she got it and made them no problem. The quality rocks, everyone loved them and they come in mighty handy when you spot a meltdown on the horizon.

Next I went to Oriental Trading for my decor since none of the owl stuff in stores was cute enough..especially since I knew we would be using these owls throughout the party (invites, signs etc.)

The kids all got these plates but everyone else got plain white ones from BJS :-)

And finally, the birthday girls attire! I found this dress after a long search on Etsy. While I love the construction, colors and fit of the dress we did run into some issues. I asked Valerie to make the dress with the cap-like sleeves she offers in her shop but by mistake she sent me the halter. No biggie, I just put 2 buttons on the inside of the back and made it like a tank. Valerie wanted to make it up to me so she sent me the matching ruffled bloomers but they were huge. To make up for that she sent me another pair but they were even bigger lol Valerie tried and it was very appreciated but if I order from her again (which is possible since she has such cute dresses!) I will definitely take the size issue into consideration.
Regardless of what we had, who wore what and what was served the day was fabulous. Aside from wishing I took detail pictures instead of ripping them off the websites I loved all the details and can't wait to do it again next year!!

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  1. What a cute party idea! You really pulled it all together...super mom!