Wednesday, July 20, 2011

TGFI Part 3

Even though I no longer have an iPhone the title of Thank Goodness for iPhone remains because lets be serious, apple lover or not,they rock!
On to the phone pics and video 

I love this video because H is acting like such a big girl when she yells to her friends "Guys-where are you? I'M COMING!!"
 street performers my dad and I saw on a trip to the city

Rear facing, apple pastry and "eyes"...shes just too cool for you!
by H's request, blue toes.
having some adorable conversation with her friend Griffin
totally as good as it looks!
I dont imagine its on DYFUS' good parenting list to let your toddler play Call of Duty but what are ya gunna do..
so in love with her Uncle Jarry
great grandfather-Papi
Piano Lessons from Papa Tom
grandfather- Papa Alex
Best uncle ever reading The Tushy Book!  

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