Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Today is our 2 year wedding anniversary!
It seems so minuscule since we have been together for 8 years...I hate how those years get thrown by the wayside when you get married and you have to start counting all over again!

Anyway, in celebrating our wedding I wanted to share our (many) wedding pictures with you!!

I hope you enjoy looking at some of them while we are off to a super fancy pants dinner together!!

Some Wedding Day Ridiculousness::
I woke up the day before to find that I spilled water all over my phone during the night so I spent the day getting a new phone, rushing to get a mani/pedi then rushing to rehearsal. On that new phone I had a conversation with our venue/planner about how the spot at the venue that we thought we were having the ceremony was not where we would be having it. Then there was a blizzard. It was beautiful but not totally conducive to getting our loved ones (and us) to our location. We got there with only 1 couple unable to attend though! Then the cake...haha you'll see for yourself but for some reason the baker thought that bright green was a nice compliment to my blue and white wedding. All I could do at all these things was laugh. We were getting married and thats all that mattered! Then we wound up not timing pictures very well and it took all of the cocktail hour and thensome so when we were finally done Ant went outside to smoke all the cigarettes that he would have had if we hadn't taken 3 hrs of pictures and missed all the food. We laughed through our entire first dance because we are just so not the couple to be cool with a room full of people staring at us while we dance all romantically.
Our DJ sucked but that's my fault for booking him without meeting first..oops!I also didn't break my shoes in and they started hurting so badly that I felt like I was going to throw up so I had to switch into slippers I had brought and wasn't able to switch back in the heels so I look like a short troll instead of a leggy, tall bride lol. OH! and the next day, Anthony's grandma slipped on ice while walking up her front stairs and broke her arm in a whole mess of places.
BUT we got married, we had a great time and even though I would have changed a lot of things about the day I would not have changed my decision to marry the silliest, cutest, hardest working guy I know.
I don't know a better father & I am so glad he is who I am going to spend the rest of my life with!

Three of my favorite pics
leave a comment with your wedding day ridiculousness to make me feel better about mine!

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  1. Ahh memories! That was such a great day :) Happy 2nd Anniversary!