Friday, December 31, 2010

Holidays 2010

Since I was raised Jewish and Anthony was raised Christian we celebrate holidays from both backgrounds. The Jewish holidays usually get jipped a bit because I am not religious but my parents came to our house a few days after Hanukkah ended (it was the first day that worked for everyone) and we opened presents and went out for a delicious dinner. Here is our Hanukkah:

"Its a bike!"

 Showing off her new clothes

 The girl loves curly ribbon

a few days later Daddy started putting the bike together and H felt strongly that he needed help (she boycotted her bath until it was finished)

A few days later my bestest friend (H's fairy godmother) came to give Hayden her present. We had been saving our favorite pieces of clothing from Haydens 1st year of life for Loryn to make a quilt out of. Well she did it and it is more amazing than I ever imagined. Hayden immediately threw herself on it and, to this day, squeals in excitement when I take it out. A-MAZING.
I can literally look at it and go over every piece and know when she wore it and a story to go with it. Pictures just don't do it justice.

Then it was Christmas time so we packed up and headed to Anthonys parents house. We always do Christmas there and its always awesome.
Here is our Christmas:

Christmas eve-post bath...right before Hayden pooped on the tree skirt.

Lots of coloring with her Aunts

Lots of Daddy cuddles

Apparently someone was left unattended with a marker..

 the adorable hair I refuse to cut..

Ukulele obsessed

Lots of reading with Gamma know H is tired when..

reading with Aunt Beck

and Im sure you heard but we got a blizzard on the East Coast the day after Christmas...and since we were on the water the wind created some beautiful snow drifts.

Sorry for the crappy light quality of the pictures...I have to do some adjusting on the cam.

..and just for fun here is a comparison to last christmas:
(somehow hubby and I are both a little rounder this year...super.)

I hope you had a beautiful holiday and an amazing 2010!
Please have a wonderful and safe New Years and I hope to see you back here in 2011!!


  1. what a fantastic quilt and such a beautiful Christmas tree! Looks like such a wonderful Christmas:0. Kids make the holidays so much more festive don't they! :0 Happy new Year to you!