Monday, December 20, 2010

Non-essential essentials

These are the types of things other moms want to know. What could you not live without? What was your saving grace? What kept you sane?
These are my top 3 non-essential essentials!
I barely used it when she was a newborn, other than for changing her diapers, but as she has gotten older it has been SO helpful! I actually keep it in my car now because there have been so many times where it happened to be (most likely because I was too lazy to bring it back in the house from a previous excursion) in my car while visiting family or friends and she needed an unexpected nap or we decided to spend the night..thank goodness for this little nugget!
 I credit this beautiful little machine for getting H to sleep through the night! Ok..maybe thats taking it a little far but I have never been big on CIO so when it was time to get our girl to get to sleep without needing to be rocked I felt confident that she was ok because I could see and hear her & know that she was ok and often pretending to cry while look at the door to try to get us back in there to play. I still use it and often just watch her playing in her crib..its sometimes better than cable!

This thing is A-MAZING!
When she was an itty-bitty she loved watching the canopy twirl while pictures were projected onto it. As she got bigger we took off the canopy and she still uses the projector every night...and every morning. She will wake up, stand up and press the buttons and watch the projection. I swear this thing keeps her busy for- ever!!

SO those are my life savers..a few other favorite little nuggets that I adore?

Yes, I give this to by toddler. When she is teething and will barely eat I give her these and she downs them. That way I know she is getting some fruit, veggies and nutrients! Genius!

It would be horrifying if I added up how much money I spent on all of the cups I've bought trying to find one that worked. They all either leaked, sucked or Hayden didn't like them..until this one! We have so many of these its insane and they never let me down! I prefered a straw cup since we all use straws so it wouldn't be too much of a transition eventually (or so I tell myself) and this cup is literally THE.BEST.EVER.

BooginHead PaciGrip
gasp all you want but I was making a lot of trips into Haydens room at night to help find her paci until I found these. They fit on any type of paci, have a short leash and are practically impossible for the little ones to rip off.

Love love love their pjs!....and I want these for her.. BAD!

 all you experienced mamas out there, share the wisdom with all the new mamas out there! What are your non-essential essentials?

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