Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Free Fabulousness!

In February I was contacted by Melissa Pont from BuildASign.com. She asked me if I saw anything on their website that I would be interested in customizing and if so to please do so and let her foot the bill. 
WELL! I am not one to turn down free stuff (seriously, I am one step away from lining my pockets with zip lock bags and hitting up a hotel continental breakfast) so I went to their site and immediately emailed her back. I let her know I was super interested but I needed some time since I didn't know which item to pick..and then Melissa said the words that made my day "Actually, you don't have to choose JUST one."

So kiddies- I present to you my customized FREE fabulousness!

I was going to put H's picture on it (yup, you can do that!) but once I realized that their banners were hard core, long lasting vinyl I decided to not make it age specific so that we can use it for years and years! ..and yes, its as big as my couch!
Clearly shes a big fan!
These car magnets were the other item I ordered! I have it on my car and LOVE that I am self promoting all over the place and what I love even more is that its free!! The quality of these magnets was shocking-those babies aren't budging, I don't care how hard it rains! 
I really cannot say enough positive things about this company.
I love the quality of my products, I loved my easy ordering, I loved the fast shipping and I loved how sweet Melissa was. 

If you want to contact Melissa you can email her at Melissa.Pont@BuildASign.com

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