Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Where have I been? DYING! Ok..thats a little dramatic but I feel horrible. I had what felt like strep for a little over a week when it finally got bad enough that I went to the walk in clinic. Turns out its not strep (I was praying for strep since its easy to cure) but bad post nasal drip or some sort of sinus thing..i guess thats the kind of diagnoises you get when you go to the walk in. The following day I was welcomed by death..also known as morning sickness minus the baby. I had all the nausea, lightheadedness and lack of appetite that reminded me of those lovely first few months...turns out its an evil little virus. I keep thinking Ill be better and ready to return to work tomorrow when the chills, dizziness and nausea come back full force. Its so frustrating! My MIL asked to take H for 2 nights so that I could relax and work got me covered for the rest of the week if needbe. I hate calling out of work, I hate not being able to pretend to be be supermom and I hate feeling like crap!

Since I have been MIA for so long I promise you a picture post but for now just eat up this cuteness!

H and her younger man, Dino, have a splashing good time in their first boy/girl bath!!


  1. Definitely something's been going around I got sick for almost 2 weeks and was out of work for a while. It was horrible! I hope you feel better soon!

  2. I was sick for two weeks..just got better four days ago and am now sick again, what the crap?? That being said, I SOOOO feel for you because this is awful and it is so hard to take care of myself let alone a child every day all day when I feel like this. Get better soon! Darling bath pictures!