Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Additions

Every now and then I come across a new item and feel like it is my duty to share it with whomever I can. This is sort of one of those times..and I say sort of because I'm really just bragging about the first thing.
I decided I was stepping away from my diaper bag and moving back to a big girl purse. After lots of looking I saw this Dana Buchman online and thought it was the one:
I went to Kohls and couldn't find it in a good color. I felt that sense of loss you feel when you try something on, love it but need a different size and they don't have it..until I realized that this was all part of the universes plan. A plan that would bring me to this little beauty:
It's a little bigger with a better shape (for me.)
I do not have a bag in my bag graveyard that is this color and that is what helped justified this pricey, its gorgeous!
SO excited!

Now, onto the helpful product.
Not many want to admit it but we get some unsightly facial hairs that are...just not cute. I even get a sexy little chin whisker every now and then-HOT! I hate getting waxed and I cannot wax myself because when I get to the pulling part I chicken out which results in me spending 20 mins trying to get the wax off. I purchased this on impulse and tried it last night

I have relatively sensitive skin (when I get waxed I am red for hooours) combined with stubborn hair so these types of things are always a crapshoot. 
I initially got this because I wanted to try a new one and i loved the idea of the brush on. 
I didn't notice that horrible rotten egg smell a lot of these creams have. It was so easy to put on with the awesome attached brush and then I left it on for about 5 mins (recommended times is 3 but like I said, stubborn hairs.) When I wiped it off all the hair was gone. My once hairy upper lip was now smooth and hair-free. Today I had a little redness in the area near my laugh lines but thats pretty inevitable for me. 
I always dread getting my lip waxed so this is a very exciting discovery!

Hayden also found something she liked at Kohls
we got her a pillow for her crib instead..

Simply Vera Tote

Hair Removing Cream

I was not prompted or paid to do a review on any items.


  1. Okay I am SO happy to read about the mustache cream. I have been using the same rotten-egg-smelling bottle for um.....4 years? I think its time to upgrade.

  2. Omg Hayden is adorable on the shelf! Shes too cute.. miss u guys so much!