Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Why a Big Birthday Party?

I spend a lot of time thinking about Hayden's birthday party. I put a lot of thought into a theme, the food, the place, the decorations and the overall event. A lot of people think this is ridiculous and obnoxious..and those people don't understand why I do it. Hayden's birthday party is the one party we throw a year (living in a 1 bedroom condo isn't exactly conducive to having get togethers or parties.) So this party is for her birthday but it is also the one time a year Anthonys family, my family and all of our friends get together and have a great time. It is a rare, memorable, special occasion that I like to really celebrate.
SO judgers that is why I make H's parties a big event.  
AND that is why Haydens party this year will be at a gymnastics studio!! I am SO excited! The girl loves Gymboree but the ones by me aren't able to accommodate our size parties comfortably so I looked into gymnastics and the place is fabulous! Its an awesome price and the kids will have the whole place to themselves to tumble, jump on trampolines, jump into pits and do all sorts of fun stuff with instructors! My favorite part is the upstairs balcony that overlooks the gym. This is where we will eat and open presents but also where people can hang out if they don't want to be down on the floor with the kids. Its perfect!! I am now in full on planning mode and so excited to get out invitations so that we know which of our favorite people will be in attendance! I don't want to seem too psycho so I wont be sending invites out until late April...but if it wasn't frowned upon Id send them now!

On another note, Hayden is awesome. She is getting so big and smart and talking so much-we simply love it! We had some veggies in the fridge and decided to teach her how to cut with a real knife (a la Montessori) and she loved it.

and then the circus arrived

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