Thursday, September 9, 2010

BIG day

The day has come..I am no longer a stay at home mom, wife and p/t student. I am now a mom, wife, p/t student and p/t teachers assisstant at a Montessouri School. 
I had set it up with them to do my 60 hours of field experience there and they offered me the job. After realizing what a rare oppurtunity this was and the kind of doors it could open in the future we decided I had to take it. I could not see myself in a f/t position with Hayden so young so this is perfect..and after seeing how much she loved the gym daycare I knew the transition wouldn't be a problem (for her. Mama is a different story.)

So today Anthony met Hayden and I after work to tour The Goddard School. It was very nice and though it doesn't have the high tech appeal that some other schools I looked at did it seems to be the caring, warm and nuturing environment we want H in. So Monday starts both of our first days at school. 
While we were touring Hayden wandered off and found herself knocking on the door of the nearest classroom before Anthony could grab her. To her excitment she was asked to come in and play and she did. For an hour
She is such a unique personality and its really wonderful to watch. We could see her through glass and she was dancing, "feeding" the teacher play food and then pretending to eat it herself..too effin cute!! She plays by herself but when someone comes over or walks by she gives a big "HI!" and is cool if they stay and play & cool if they keep goin..she is a rock star! (bias? me? never!)

So she will most likely have a fabulous time while I am at my new job worrying that a crazed person is going to shoot up her school or that she thinks I abandoned her. Yes, I have issues. I blame Law & Order: SVU.

I will pick her up when she wakes from her nap most days but if I need to get things done (school work, laundry, grocery shopping) the school is open until 6. 
Next semester I can even take day classes if it works out!
Later today I will hear from the school to know if they could work on the tuition price for me (I am working on my bargining skills.) Wish us luck and please share any experiences you've had with going back to work, Goddard, Montessouri etc! 
I love your comments!

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  1. Congrats on the job and good luck with the adjusting phase. I work full time in my own home and it has still been hard for me to surrender my control to a nanny all day...ahhhh. :) Hope it goes well!

  2. Congrats Cal! That sounds so perfect for you, and for Hayden...the best of both worlds. Much Love