Friday, September 24, 2010


I have been so busy with school, work and trying to get in as much time with H as possible so I have been neglectful of my readers :-(
I am sorry but I still do love you so please check your formula to make sure it is not on this list and send it to all your mommy friends so they can keep their babies safe too! If you are on the list many stores will refund your money.

Aside from all of that things are good! 
After having my thyroid checked and finding that it was normal (i was totally hoping it wasn't so my inability to lose weight would be blamed on something else & hopefully an easy fix) and talking to my gyno and finding that having H COMPLETELY changed my metabolism as well as severely weakened my once awesome abs (its possible the muscle split but she didn't fully confirm it) I am going to start The South Beach Super Charged (the gynos recommendation.) It retrains your body and metabolism which I obviously need....but it has you not eat carbs for 2 weeks (I literally don't know what I will eat since all I know is carbs!) but until I start it I am binging my heart out! I am literally eating like I am on death row. I will start the diet once I find enough food options and carb-free meal plans to help me through the first weeks. I can't imagine the withdrawal I am going to go through but it won't be pretty!

Hayden has been doing much better with school! She hasn't cried at drop off in 2 days (BIG feat!) She has been less cranky which I am hoping means she is getting more solid naps at school. I also have been skipping the gym and getting H early because it makes me feel better and I love the time with her. This is my favorite weather and I want to take advantage of it and spend as much time outside with her! The gym will always be there but my girl is growing so fast I want to experience every minute I can.
So thats what I am off to do!
You may not get posts every day but you will get several a week and I hope you stick with me during this life adjustment and keep coming back!

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  1. So glad H is doing better in school! Before you know it, she wont want to leave when you pick her up! Ellie Kate has been going for 2 months now and loves it. She is learning so much that I never even knew I was supposed to be teaching her. Oops! MomFAIL.

  2. Glad to hear H is doing better at school, that's got to be a sigh of relief for you! I LOVE carbs, that would be so hard to do. But good for you! I don't blame you at all for prioritizing, family comes first!

  3. I'm still gonan be here:) Glad H is adjusting! That always helps your heart too right:). Hope you are hanging in there!

  4. katie- not a mom fail!! We teach them things a school/teacher never could. Like what it is to be unconditionally loved, what it is to be a good mom and, in your case, what it is to be freakishly creative.

    Liz-Idk that I will be able to do it after seeing that everything I own (even Milk!) has carbs...maybe I can eat steak and asparagus for 2 weeks?

    Casey-I heart you!