Thursday, September 2, 2010

Just Why

Why can't our kids just realize that flailing and crying while getting dressed or during a diaper change will just make it last longer?!

Instead of giving us a look that says "Im concerned you may be poisoning me" why can't our kids just trust us when it comes to giving them food?!

Why can't our kids just enjoy sitting in a high chair, quietly eating or coloring, for the amount of time it takes to casually make dinner?!

Why when we tell someone about an awesome new "trick" our kid does do they suddenly act like they've never done that thing in their life and we are big fat liars?!

Why, when they are exhausted, can't they just lay down and comfortably drift off into baby dream land instead of crying and fighting it?!

Why can't our kids smell like babies forever?!

Why can't our kids realize when we are leaving them we will always and forever come back to them?!

Why can't our kids just want to cuddle and read or watch tv when we need them to instead of wanting to be anywhere but our arms?!

Why can't our kids just fall asleep when they are tired, regardless of where we are, what they are in (stroller, carrier, arms) or who we're with?!

Why can't we get baby hugs and kisses whenever we want?!

Why can't they just stay our kids forever?! 

Why can't they hold our hands forever?

1 comment:

  1. wouldn't it be nice??? Why is my kid always so shocked that I won't let him stick his hand in his diaper???