Thursday, September 23, 2010

Whats your home remedy for a cold?

H has a cold and is SUPER snotty & coughing a bit-its sometimes dry and sometimes phlegmy. She's raspy too so shes got that phone sex operator thing going on.. (inappropriate?) I got some baby vapor rub and nasal spray at Babies R Us to try but I wanted to see if anyone had a good suggestion for more natural remedies?


Hayden says thanks!!

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  1. She's over 1, correct? If so, honey is a MIRACLE cough/sore throat cure. Or, chamomile tea, brewed fairly weakly with honey mixed in. Anytime our little monster is sick, he asks for tea and honey. And before bed, when his cough is the worst, we give him a spoonful of honey. Really does help.
    Steamy showers, humidifer, and (weirdly) putting Baby Vicks on the soles of her feet before putting on her socks will all help. Good luck and I hope she feels better soon!!