Thursday, January 13, 2011

23 of 25

5 Favorite Foods, 5 least favorite foods

1. Pasta (yes this is as specific as I can get since I love just about any pasta and sauce combo)
2. mashed potatoes and Steak- medium please. (and mint jelly wouldn't hurt either..its good! dont judge!)
3. Crab legs
4. enchiladas (must come with refried beans and sour cream goodness!)
5. sloppy joes (the deli meat kind and the ground meat kind!)

1. Ham ( Im ok with deli ham)
2. Olives
3. Oysters
4. Cheese fondue
5. liver/canned meat/tongue (ok..i ate it once without knowing and didn't notice but the idea of it makes me want to vomit.)

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