Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Who are you?

I blessed in every aspect of life.

I Want...the economy to get better.

I Have...learned so much about myself this year. A lot of epiphanies.

I Wish...that people could realize that their way isn't the only way.
I Hate...every single member of the Westboro Church (and yes, I mean that.) 
I Fear...predators and the fact that I will not always be there to protect Hayden from them.

I loud ass dishwasher.

I Search...for pacifiers way too often.

I Wonder...if we will ever (comfortably) own our own house.

I Regret...judging other mothers.

I Love...the smell of my baby!
I Ache...for the world to accept homosexuality whole heartedly.

I Always...try to put good thoughts into the universe.

I a very positive person.

I Am Not...religious but that doesn't mean I am "lost."

I Dance...for Hayden and she loves it!

I ass off to Sara Bareilles and to Cee Los "Fuck You"

I Never...thought a love like this existed.

I Rarely...see my best friends but when I do it makes my month!

I Cry...over emotions that generally don't warrant crying.

I Am Not Always...paranoid....but am more often than not.

I the "diet game" every.damn.time.

I'm parents who refuse to help or acknowledge their child with special needs.

I Need...a big ass money tree.

I a psychologist but I don't want to go through the schooling.
*this post idea was compliments of Alysha at The Tarr Pit
Hayden Throwback
 1 year ago Hayden had her first "big girl" bath!

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