Monday, January 31, 2011

Im All Wrong

Blissdom is a blogging conference. This is pretty much all I know about it. I have read that it is similar to BlogHer-which I also know nothing about. What I have learned is that it is a bunch of conferences about writing and blogging...and thats about it. I have no idea what else goes on there but what I do know is that I was reading my favorite blog and she was talking about all she learned while at Blissdom and suddenly I realized I had been blogging all wrong. 
Not all wrong in general but all wrong for me. 
I was blogging in the way that I had thought mom-bloggers were supposed to blog. I took cues from successful blogs that I had read and followed their lead a bit instead of thinking about what I truly wanted this to be about and just making it mine. I think I did this because I was so hoping that it would be successful and possibly bring in some extra cash-this was stupid. I even had mom-bloggers tell me not to start a blog for these reasons yet I did and expected it to work. WRONG.
I have decided I will no longer follow the blogging style I thought I was supposed to. I always set my posts to post at 6am on a particular day..not totally sure why but I did because I thought that the consistency of that would be appeasing. Screw that-I am now posting my posts when I write them (if I have a few backed up I will sched them but other than that I am writing and posting.) I am realizing that this is MY BLOG. It is going to be more like the title suggests: ramblings.


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  1. There is an odd sort of peer pressure in the blogging world isn't there. A pressure to post at a certain time, to leave comments to get comments, a pressure to be artistic or to have awesome pictures. It's becoming a very interesting little world for moms. I am with you 100% Whatever you are good at, whatever YOU on those things! The rest falls into place. A great reminder!