Monday, January 24, 2011

Cast It or Casket?

 For the longest time I couldn't wait until Hayden would be forward facing in her car seat. I thought about how much easier it would be to keep an eye on her and to pass her snacks or a lost paci. I thought about how much more fun she would have being able to see me and where we were going..oh the car dance parties we could have!
Then, one day, the beautiful Becca who writes The Paro Post blog posted the following video on her facebook page. I was forever a changed mama.

I was so uninformed. I was ignorant and selfish. I wanted Hayden to face forward so it would be easier on me! So it would be fun for me, easy for me, convenient for me
The fabulous thing about rear facing is they don't know any different! When my hubby or mom friends tell me I'm a little neurotic or Hayden must be so bored of looking out the back of the car or she must be so annoyed to have to bend her legs I just simply remind them (as unpreachy as possible) that a broken leg is much easier to fix than a broken spine.

coming home from the hospital...
..she may be bigger and in a different seat but the girl is still RFing and will be until....prom?


  1. I'm with you though. I am looking forward to the forward facing seat for the exact same reasons and I think it is something Daisy would enjoy too but, she is not there yet. My mom remembers when we kids could all sit in the front seat in our carseats right next to her. Now that would be awesome! ;0.