Thursday, February 10, 2011

Im bored so here are 20 things!

1.Inside my purse, you’ll discover: unless H and I are going somewhere for a while I usually just carry my clutch that houses my phone, wallet, Flip, Blistex, teething tablets and a few random hair things. My purse has stuff for H like board books, snacks, diapers, wipes etc

2. If stranded on an island, the five things I couldn’t live without:
(excluding people)
1. AC (as in air conditioning not Slater)
2. Camera
3. food (including dessert)
4. sunblock because I would roast
5. computer with internet
3. On my nightstand you’ll find: this moment there is a glass of iced tea, haydens nebulizer, haydens "party shoes", a magazine, baby monitor, coupons and a note pad
4. When I grew up, I wanted to be: aside from a mommy-an english teacher, a vet, a national geographic photographer or a paleontologist..apparently I thought myself to be quite the Renaissance woman.
5. My comfort food: dessert-cookies, candy bars, ice cream, cupcakes...
6. The location where I write: wherever there is a pen and paper

7. Three songs on my IPOD’s most played list: i dont know where my ipod is :-(
8. If I was on the cover of US Weekly, my headline would read: awesome woman wins a shit ton of money and starts an awesomeblossom school
9. The three books that make me think of my childhood:
1. Madeline
2. The Magic Locket
3. anything RL Stein (my brother read them, not me...i was a chicken)

10. My favorite Chick Flick: any movie with Kate Hudson, Sandra Bullock or the like

11. My favorite Chick Lit book: i dont read those i dont favorite book is The Glass Castle

12. My “must see” TV: the office, parks and rec, oprah, teen mom, jersey shore (vomit), desperate housewives...and so on and so on..
13. My Starbucks order: skim white chocolate mocha no whip
14. My favorite curse word:FUCK

15. My celebrity man crush: Christopher Meloni

16. My celebrity girl crush: Mila Kunis

17. My media crush: i guess im supposed to say soemthing like Anderson Cooper? but im going to go with the amazing Diane Sawyer because she is BRILLIANT!

18. Three words to summarize my book: i am not planning on writing one but if i did....My Lifes Lessons

19. It took me _____ to write my book. never bc ive never done it..
20. My book’s original title: My Lifes Lessons?

thanks to Shelley over at Im Still Standing for the post inspiration!

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