Sunday, February 6, 2011

I'm Getting the Hang of This

Every now and then things seem to be flowing perfectly. 
Our plan, whatever it is at that moment, is being executed beautifully. Whether I'm driving, 
shopping, cooking, playing..I suddenly feel a calm flow from my head down to my
 fabulous new boots  and I think "I'm finally getting the hang of this." 
"This" being life as a mother. 

It feels so good. Like a runners high...or so I imagine (I'm not so much with 
the running....or exercising.) I am, for a moment, super mom. 
Then a few hours days later we are out of sorts. Rushing, anxious, cranky, 
tired, H won't eat/is hungry/ teething/had an untimely poop.. and I am just 
ready for 6:30. 6:30...when H and I read & cuddle before she is off to dream of
puppies & rainbows and I can begin to kinda sorta try to de-stress.
This is the cycle of mommyhood. 
Thinking you finally got figured it nailed 
it can do it all! Then moments, days or weeks later everything changes. Your totally 
figured out child is now into new things, a new schedule needs to be made, their usual favorite
 foods no longer suffice, the laundry is piling up, dinner hasn't been home-cooked in days and 
lets not even delve into that time of day where you have to think about possibly having sex.
We all go through it..and this is why we all do it..
 baby cuddles
 and baby giggles