Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Reunited and it feels so goooood

Yup...that tune will be running laps in your brain all day..you're welcome.

In an attempt to see Hayden a few hours sooner than planned I met my MIL and GMIL (grandmother in-law) at the mall to eat us some PF Changs! The mall has a merry go round so I brought my camera in hopes of some cute pictures. H was half terrified and half loving it. She would say "WEEEEE" while looking like this:

I was using my new 50mm and for some reason the pictures weren't coming out as sharp as they used to (with my old 50mm that fell to its death.) I guess I have to check my settings but whateves.

 the girl loooves her shoes!

 the red were her fav...I preferred the sparkly ones.

Once we got home we got in lots of giggles with Daddy before bedtime.
Pretending to paint her already colored on canvas

 I don't know who loves family playtime more...her or us.


  1. Hey Cali! I came across your blog a little bit ago and have been enjoying reading it. It's so great seeing photos of your family and seeing that everything is going so well. =) Hayden is just adorable and I love her little pigtails!!!!!!

  2. OUtrageous pics...she is sooo very Adorable...xoxoxo