Saturday, February 5, 2011

Im Getting Domesticated!

I am so impressed with myself! I always admired people who could menu plan, grocery shop accordingly and then actually stick to the menu. I never could. I would halfheartedly try, then not be in the mood for what was planned for the night and the whole thing was out the window while I ordered Chinese food. 
Well I guess Im being domesticated because this is my 3rd week of sticking with it!! ...and its easy! I may do it a little differently than others but who knows. In my overly organized mind I need to do it like this:
First I make a list of foods that we havent had in a little or any new things I want to try and the ingredients. Then I make a 2 week calendar and put a meal or "LO" (leftovers) in each day so I know exactly what is going to go down. 

This is the only way that it works for me. Then I go grocery shopping (every 2 weeks) and get all I need and then-some. I always spend about $160 for 2 weeks worth which I think is pretty damn good.


  1. I was always jealous of people who could do it but its so much easier than I made myself think! If you want help just hit me up my dear