Thursday, February 3, 2011

What We've Been Up To

H is sick so I stayed home with her today to take her to the dr. We thought she had the begining of another lung thang but turns out she has ear infections in both ears. Being my girl she is always in great spirits so here is a little glimpse of today and a few days ago..

Being brave stupid I decided to not wait until she was napping to shower. She apparently thought my shower needed a little spicing up so these are some of the things she threw in there while I was washing my hair.

 While she has no interest in using the potty for what it is designed for she does enjoy carrying it around and using it as a chair..

 ..and the dismount..

We had another snow day! This time it wasn't so bad and we actually got out of the house and went to RBounce with H's BFF Gigi. After lunch we had G and her mom come over to hang (Hayden had popcorn for the first time and is IN LOVE...just wait until she can have the really bad for you but disgustingly delicious movie theater popcorn!)

 What do you mean your child doesn't wear mardi gras beads and a diaper while riding rocking horses?

 every now and then I catch this look from her and it gives me a little glimpse into her as a teenager..

 H and I spent last weekend at my parents since they hadn't seen her in a bit.
This is how Hayden effectively transfers blocks from one place to another..

Could you eat that smile with a spoon?!
My dad was cracking her up by doing something he used to do with me and my brother when we were in the bath..

and its called QUEEN ESMERALDA..she sounds a little like Mrs Doubtfire.


  1. your love for your little girl pours out of your posts. It is so sweet and I must say she is looking so much more like a big girl these days!! It's crazy how fast the baby/newborn phase flies by. She is beautiful!