Friday, June 18, 2010

Things I Thought I'd Never Do...and then I became a Mom

Personally, I have always believed I was ready for motherhood. I was ready to be selfless, sleepless and hot-body-less long before I actually had my daughter. Every now and then, though, I catch myself doing something and thinking " I really never thought I'd do that":

So here are some of my cringe-worthy, cute (?) & normal(??) 
 ..I really never thought I'd... 
  • Get super pissed that Sesame Street doesn't make new episodes frequently
  • Wish that leaving your kid in the car while running into 7-11 for snacks wasn't dangerous, illegal and stupid
  • Feel that stores without drive-thrus ruin everything (ok..that's a blatant lie, I've thought about this for as long as I've been lazy)
  • Drink from a sippy cup or bottle
  • Let my kid watch an hour of Sesame Street just so I could get a little extra sleep
  • Eat food that has been sucked on by my child, fallen out of her mouth or been found stuck to her or her clothing
  • Melt into a puddle of love every.single.time my daughter rests her head on my shoulder
  • Not shower/change clothes immediately following a "vomit shower"
  • Wish that forward facing car seats were safer
  • Have my shirt double as a baby tissue (only when nothing appropriate is available...for the most part)
  • Co-sleep (it may be the only reason I didn't experience severe sleep deprivation those first few months)
  • Inspect a poopy diaper that "just looks weird"
  • Try pureed meat
Just to name a few. I'm sure plenty more will come to me..probably enough to write another post. 
So stay tuned!
The day the person that would have me do things "I never thought I'd do" was brought into my life

If you have your own gross, embarrassing or weird things that you never thought you'd do before marriage or parenthood leave them as a comment--so I can feel less disgusting.


  1. I never thought I would let my kid eat right off an uncleaned (by me) table in a restaurant.

    I never thought (while nursing) that I would walk around the house with my boobs hanging out. To get really gross - boobs with dried up milk.

    I never thought I would trade sex for sleep.

    I never thought that I would smell other's kids butts to see "who poopood?".

    I never thought the best Mother's Day present would be giving a mom a break from being a mom.

  2. i never thought i would wake up every hours to see if he is alright after he finally learned to sleep by himself and i was still beyond exhausted.

    I never thought i would get so angry at the gardeners for doing their job during the day while my baby is sleeping.

    I never thought I would wrap my baby in paper towels for the car ride home because i ran out of diapers and left my wallet at home. FAIL

    I never thought I would think that breastmilk poop smells way better than solid food poop or any poop for that matter.

    I never thought that projectile vomit would always make me die of laughter no matter if it was happening to someone else or myself.

  3. Sarah: I never thought Id sniff other kids butts either!
    Alysha: wrapping D in paper towels.. thats hilarious!!

  4. I never thought I would say "NO! We do NOT eat dragonflies" but I did, just yesterday, lol! :)

  5. LOL! thats awesome! I realized, today, that I didnt think I would be "middle naming" my daughter at such a young age but "HAYDEN DEBRA!" seems to be a part of my daily vocabulary now.

  6. I can so relate to your mommy moments!

  7. I never thought I'd say please don't spill your sippy cup and lick it off the floor, please don't sniff or play in mommie's underarms..(he's our official underarm bandit.. 18 month old.....

  8. Perfect list! On a pretty regular basis I refuse to go anywhere that doesn't have a drive thru. And I have gotten in some pretty lengthy discussions with the husband on how bad it really would be to leave my son in the car for, like, 5, maybe 10 minutes. I loose every time.

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  10. OH my! I needed to read your blog today! Love it! thanks for friending me! I've accepted! Can't wait to read (and relate to) more! Thanks!

  11. Awesome!! Especially relate to the 7-11 one!

    I never thought I'd find it beyond hilarity to hear someone say, "Are ya ready for me to pee on ya, Daddy?!" (3 year old boy, showers with dad, need I say more?)

    I never thought I'd do so MUCH laundry.

    I never thought I'd find it perfectly acceptable for my child to wear a hat, underoos, sunscreen and rain boots to play in the backyard.

    And I definitely NEVER thought I'd be inspecting poop in the potty and proudly exclaiming over the size of it!

  12. I don't have anything to add but just wanted to say how great your list was, and oh so true! Love it!! Thanks for the laugh!