Wednesday, June 30, 2010

25 Random Ramblings

You know you want to know!
  1. I watch the same movies and tv episodes over & over & over.
  2. I have to make notes of things I want/need to do because I fear Ill forget but usually just writing it down makes me remember so I don't even need to keep the physical note.
  3. The thought of ever moving away from our families breaks my heart because I want H to have the fun sleep overs at her grandparents houses like I had growing up!
  4. I love getting rid of stuff! Throwing things out makes me feel refreshed!
  5. I have always had a problem with picking the feathers out of down pillows..I just can't stop myself.
  6. I'll wait to eat "the good stuff" in the house until Hayden is asleep because I don't want to share them.
  7. I am obsessed with capturing moments in H's life & creating memory boxes/scrapbooks etc in hopes that she will never have to wonder what her childhood was like.
  8. If I wake up in the middle of the night, even for a moment, I usually have to go to the bathroom because I convince myself that Ill have a "going to the bathroom dream" and pee the bed
  9. When I try to kill a gnat by catching it mid-air with one hand & actually succeed...I feel like a ninja!
  10. I wrote a notebook to Hayden while I was pregnant and through her first year in fear that if I die she wouldn't know what the beginning of her life was like.
  11. I love the smell of dogs paws.
  12. I have 3 tattoos.
  13. I looove going out to eat. Even if its just to a diner or a random chain restaurant..i LOVE it.
  14. I sometimes wish I was the apron wearing, daily dinner making, spotless house having, picture perfect wife.
  15. Both of our parents live just 1 hour away but I wish they lived much closer.
  16. I would keep everything in pretty bins, boxes and storage containers if I could.
  17. I never went through that teenage parent hating stage...I hope H never does either!
  18. Drugs were a part of my life from 2001-2003.
  19. I am severely paranoid and, for as long as I can remember, thought my cause of death would be murder.(and yes, I know how crazy that is)
  20. I'd rather give presents than receive them.
  21. Freshman year of college & the summer before it were some of the best times of my life...but I wish I could remember more of it.
  22. If someone mentions that they are looking for a particular item I make it a mission to find it and get it for them.
  23. I am way more addicted to blogging than I ever imagined.
  24.  I cannot wait to have a house and a dog but dread the idea of cleaning and training them.
  25. I wish I could be a stay-at-home-mom forever!
Thanks to Alysha for the idea!


  1. i am sooo with you on number 24!! I really want a dog but dont want to train it! haha

  2. #2,4 and true for me too.

    I have a dog and the training is the worst part. When my friend got a dog, he was 9 months old and his family had to give him up because the baby was allergic. She got a free, trained dog!