Thursday, June 24, 2010

Throwback Thursday

While backing up our pictures I found all sorts of old school pictures on our external hard drive and got super excited! Not only because I found pictures I hadn't seen in a long time but because I knew I could share them with my fabulous followers. So try to refrain from couch jumping and screaming with excitement just long enough to get a little exercise on memory lane with me.

Lets rock this left to right style:
1- My brother giving me hugs on my first day home from the hospital
2- Mom, me & my awesome pigtails!
3- Brother sister love
4- Apparently I was a gangsta karate kid wannabe?
5- Kisses for mommy(I can't wait until H can do this!)
6- I was like a walking advertisement for Fritos
7- Me with some serious bangs..wait a minute--Did I have 'The Rachel' haircut in the 80s?!
8- I assume this was Halloween but it could've just been a regular day..hard to tell.
9- How awesome is CaliLand?--"THIS AWESOME!"

When we were young & skinny

My days as a farm manager and pastry chef assistant you can couch jump.

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  1. great trip down memory and that llama look awfully friendly...