Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Perfect Couple

Most people have that friend or friend of a friend who appears to have a pretty perfect marriage. They seem to rarely disagree, let alone actually ::gasp:: argue, they always seem to do fun things together and even have the ever sought after couple friends. Her husband probably "gives her a break" from the kids more often than we can imagine and his wife probably always has dinner waiting for him at just the right time. If you are reading and are one of these kinda suck. Not because you rarely argue or because you get a break more often than most of us but because you have couple friends! I don't know if its normal to crave couple friends like I do but I assume, because they are so rare, its normal. 
You know you think about what it would be like if you had "a couple" (no? just me?)....they would live nearby, the guys would like the same stuff, the girls would be super similar & drama free and if kids were in the picture, they would get along wonderfully....and then go to bed.

My husband is anti-social--quite the opposite of me. Granted, I am not out exchanging numbers with the girl next to me in the check out line but I enjoy a sarcastic comment amongst strangers as much as the next guy. Anthony? Not so much. I can sadly say that if he could go a whole week without having to talk to one might be the best week of his life. Needless to say, when I come home talking about a new friend who has a husband who I think he would get along with his standard response is "No thanks." He is the type of guy who has his friends and feels no desire to expand his little group. This kills me! I try to explain that had he felt this way when he initially met -enter a best friends name here- then he would have never made such a great, life long friend. 
This means nothing to him.

I love my husbands friends. There are times when I've hung out with them without Anthony so I really do love them but none of them have families or wives. So my desire for couple friends continues. I assume the first time we will get a consistent "couple" is when one of his friends gets married since then he won't have to actually be an adult and make a new friend. ::giant eye roll::


  1. ugh. Maybe your husband needs to be a little more selfless and hang out with a couple for you!! It wont hurt him any!! We are all about hanging out with other couples and familes but we are blessed because we know soooo many from church and Brett is VERY social. But even if he or I wasnt, i know that the other would be selfless and do something for the other person because they love them. Maybe you need to sit down and have a talking with him. Maybe he doesnt know it bothers you so much?? Best of luck cali! :)

  2. Thanks Alysha! Maybe he'll read this and smarten up! "happy wife happy life" LOL ;)

  3. I should mention he has done it for me...but less than a handful of time

  4. I can't say that I blame Anthony too much, I'm pretty antisocial myself! But I have made the effort before and have ended up with friends that I love to hang out with now.
    Never give up being miss social, maybe just use that to find a girl you get along great with and set up his friends and marry them off!
    Keep me posted on how that goes, lol.

  5. My husband is great an is in fact more social that I am. Sometimes I think about the couple friends too. Now I am inspired to call some friends that I keep talking about inviting over.

    Following from MBC


  6. I am in the same boat!! My husband only wants to hang out with the guys he know forever, and then try to force me to be couple-ly with them when they find lady friends. Problem is, I never like there girlfriends! Oh well, maybe I'm just to picky.

  7. Oh Tia-if only you lived in NJ!

  8. Couple friends are super hard to find, even if you are both social. My husband always jokes about the husband play dates I plan for us in that ever elusive search for couple friends.

    I think though, that we found that couple just recently. I feel like I've known the wife forever, both of our husbands have similar interests and our daughters love each other. I've waited so long for this!

  9. i totally felt this way when i was married to rob. its kind hard for moms our age. i think that (at least where we live) there aren't a whole lot of 26 year old that are where we are in our lives. now i've transitioned to desperatly wanting to have other "single mom" friends. but when it comes down to it i'm a loner. and i'm lazy. not a great combo

  10. Lee is the same way and I think a lot of husbands are this way because men don't socialize the same way we do.

    Lee always tells me "don't find me any play dates."

    So how do I have some friends then? I invite them to dinner. Everyone (even Lee) has to eat so he doesn't mind too much. He's become a lot more social.

    So take the first step and invite a couple over for dinner. Choose someone who you can talk to before and tell her that your hubby hasn't really done this before so you don't want to make it a long dinner. She will understand and you all will have a great time.

  11. Cali - maybe if you took me to church more often we would have more friends!?!