Monday, October 4, 2010

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Five most important/memorable childhood memories

1- Since I don't have many memories of my mom the few I have are deeply cherished. Ones that stick out most are super random and nothing special. One I always think of is when I was standing on a step stool next to her at our sink helping her with dishes (considering I was less than 6 I can't imagine I was much help.) She told me that at parent-teacher conferences my 1st grade teacher showed her a boys journal from class and he wrote he was going to marry me (in case you were wondering...he didn't.)

2- Unfortunately I remember the day my mom died and her funeral like it was yesterday. Perhaps an "important memory" but not a favorite.

3- When my mom died my dad started having a house built in our town so that we wouldn't have to switch schools. While waiting for it to be built we lived about 45 mins away from school so every day my dad would drive us to and from school. These rides were always awesome. Sometimes on the way home we would stop at McDonalds and my dad refused to order our food in a normal voice so he would turn on his version of a southern accent. When the voice came over the speaker asking for our order he would yell (to me) "Corn Ponet, what do you want?" and once he relayed my order he would yell (to my brother)"Zachariah Spud, what do you want?" Then when we got to the window he would speak in his normal voice like nothing happened..if that's not a favorite memory I don't know what is.

4- When we would stay at my dads house on weekends we would turn the upstairs into a giant fort (It was a platform-type landing with railings on both sides overlooking the 1st floor.) We would cover it in sheets and lower a Happy Meal box down to my dad and he would put croissants in it and send it back up. 

5- One night a week my dad would have school or be working late so my grandparents would come over. We would gallivant for a bit then go out to dinner at one of "our places." It was always fun because we would wind up doing things like this...

I am expecting a text from my brother any minute to tell me he hates me for posting this...


  1. Your dad sounds AWESOME!
    Glad you are doing the list is long but rewarding!

  2. these are such sacred memories! Thank you for sharing. What a treat to get a glimpse into your past.

  3. I love #3, it's hilarious! I can totally see you doing that too! :)