Wednesday, October 27, 2010

6 of 25

Ten facts about your hometown

Randolph, NJ...lets Wiki this shit:

1- As of 2000 the township population was 24,847.
2- The median income is $97,589.
3- In 1713, New Jersey’s first iron mine was registered and located in Randolph.
4- The high school has about 1,663 students.
5- Jon Hurwitz (screenwriter) whose credits include Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle & Scary Movie 3 is from there..and his sister used to drive me to school.
6- Rapper Pepa from the group Salt'n'Pepa lives in Randolph with her daughter Egypt.
7- My big shot brother is from there..he writes
8- There have been a few big drug raids there.
9- population density was 1,185.2 people per square mile in 2000.
10- The town was inhabited by the Lenni Lenape Native Americans, settled by Quakers, and served as a supply point for George Washington's army during their winter in nearby Jockey Hollow.

does anybody really care about this??


  1. That's a high median income!!!

  2. I care! Haha, and I knew most of that anyway...