Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Fun

I recently found this silly Facebook survey I filled out while pregnant..these are the orig answers and any new answers are in parenthesis.

1. My the reason they invented restraining orders.

2. Maybe I should...throw food away before it starts smelling--but I dont.

3. I love..feeling & seeing the kicks of this little person growing in my belly. She's going buck wild at the moment. (hearing Hayden laugh.)

4. People would say that I'm...fucking awesome.

5. I don't understand why people... lie. Plain and simple. The truth is a lot easier to remember.

6. When I wake up in the morning...I prefer not to talk for awhile.

7. I lost my...keys the other day. Anthony found them in a shoe. So clearly, I've also lost a significant part of my brain function. (shit a little when Anthony told me he gave Hayden gum.)

8. Life is full of.. nice and caring people. You just have to weed through the douche bags to find them. (amazing things all happening at the exact right time they are supposed to.)

9. My past...made me who I am and got me where I am today. I may not always be proud of certain things but I wouldn't change a thing.

10. I get annoyed...very easily when Im tired. (or hungry.)

11. Parties are...not something I was always super into. I prefer to hang with just a few people.

12. I wish...I could win the lottery, buy a house, finish getting a degree easily...and be a stay at home mom. (I could win the lottery so we could pay off everything, buy a house and start a business or school.)

13. Dogs...are the shit and I cant wait to get one.

14. Cats...are ok as long as they arent living with me.

15. Tomorrow...Im supposed to go pick up our new coffee table. I hope the roads are better. (is my dads birthday! H and I are going to spend the weekend with family and I am very excited!)


17. If I had a million dollars..I would buy the perfect house for us and get Ant a new car :-) (I would buy our perfect house, pay off all of our bills, help family and go on vacation to Yosemite National Park, Yellow Stone, Lego Land, Greece, Italy, Bora Bora and a bunch of other sweet places.)

18. I'm totally terrified...of losing anyone I love.

19. My the hardest worker Ive ever met in my life. He is almost as awesome as I am. (ALMOST)

20. My life...will get even better in June! (is the best its ever been and I am so blessed and thankful.)

Daily Cuteness
Hayden sleeping on her uncle :-)

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