Friday, October 29, 2010

7 of 25

List the people in your family & a random fact about them

I am assuming this is super immediate family.

1- Anthony (hubby)- If given the chance he will play Call of Duty for 5 hours straight, eat an entire box of double stuff Oreos and do all of this butt-naked.
2- Hayden (daughter)- She has a very unique spirit and soul. The owner of her school has said this, our families and total strangers. So basically she is more amazing than you.
3- Dad- He is insanely smart and spent our entire child/teen-hoods being completely self-less and doing all he could to make our lives better. If I can be half the parent he was/is I know Hayden will turn out great.
4- Tom (other Dad)- He is totally obsessed with eating cold food. He would prefer anything that is supposed to be served hot cold. It is kinda gross yet intriguing. He also has an obsession with giving H things like fudge, ice cream, iced tea etc etc. :-\
5- Jarett (brother)- His vocabulary kicks my vocabularys ass. It is kind of horrifying. He is crazy smart, witty and hilarious. Tom often jokes that we are too quick for him and he can't stay on our conversations..adorbs.


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