Wednesday, October 6, 2010

2 of 25

Ten random facts about yourself
1- I believe Taco Bell tastes better when eaten in your car in the parking lot. Its how it was meant to be eaten.(spare me the "tb is bad for you..don't eat it!!" I rarely eat it anymore.)

2- I pee a handful of times a day. When compared to other women I know this is quite minuscule.

3- When I look at great photography it gives me an indescribable feeling. Its along the lines of a rush mixed with a high mixed with getting the wind knocked out of you.

4-I am an awesome stylist for other people but cannot dress myself for shit.

5- I go to weddings for the free food.

6- I have anxiety..and on a related note, I love Zoloft.

7- I am dreading and super excited for the day Hayden can no longer sit comfortably rear facing in her carseat.

8- I live by the beach yet am so not a beach person.

9- I think veganism is a little ridiculous.

10- It still boggles my mind that I grew a person. When I think about the entire process that began with a particular sperm and a particular egg meeting at just the right place and time to create our specific baby...then I grew her in my belly from a microscopic thing to a 7lb 13oz thing...and now she is walking and talking..mind.boggling.overload.

1 comment:

  1. ok #1, can't believe you still eat taco bell after you got food poisoning from them! lol
    #2, you should pee more, drink more water!
    #5, I'm really glad I had free food at my wedding so you could be there! haha