Friday, October 8, 2010

What a Journey

Two years ago this week is when I saw the plus sign slowly get darker and darker on a Target brand pregnancy test. I had been taking tests pretty regularly because I was recently off the pill & my period was all over the place...and I am one of those "omgmyperiodis4minuteslate..I'm taking a test" kind of gals. 
Obviously, they had all been negative so even though a part of me (us) got excited at the thought that there might be a plus sign we never thought it would actually happen nor did we prepare for when it would. 

It was 2 weeks post-engagement party and I was dog sitting for Anthonys parents. I was at Target when I realized I should get a test because with my history Id probably use it and opted for the Target brand because 1-pregnancy tests are ridic expensive and 2-I'm a cheap bastard.

I forgot about it (isn't that always how the story goes?) then randomly remembered and decided to take it. I always got a little giddy inside when taking them, then a little let down every time the "-" showed up. This time I got a little "HOLY SHIT" when the "+" showed up. I always saw the negative...I was expecting the negative (and the inevitable disappointment.) What I was not expecting was to be expecting! I was also not expecting to be completely and utterly freaked the fuck out when I saw that positive sign.

I was alone. I was alone at Anthonys parents house and he was at our house sleeping. I called him. Told him. His response was something along the lines of "ok..I'll call you when I wake up." He didn't ask if I was joking..He was not freaked out..not in the slightest. This freaked me out more because then I felt like an asshole for being so thrown off my game. He eventually woke up and came to his parents and we got excited. We promptly called everyone close to us to tell them I was "having a baby" then went and bought baby name books.

I was so nervous to tell my dad and I don't know why..I guess because now it would be for real...he would definitely know I had sex. HORRIFYING!

For the next week I ate grilled cheese like it was my job, read baby books, figured out how to move the wedding up and agreed on a name for a baby girl (I think we did this the day I found out...and thank goodness it was a girl because there was no agreeing when it came to what to name a boy.)

We had no idea what was to come, how blessed we were about to be and how our baby would bring light to countless lives. 
This was the day we found out we were having an angel.


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