Monday, October 11, 2010

3 of 25

Seven weird things about yourself

1- The thought of maggots gives me shivers and makes me almost throw up in my mouth. (I got the chills 4 times while writing that sentence...and now Im going to be thinking about them all night.)

2- It drives me nuts when people use your & you're or to & too interchangably.

3- I get severe anxiety about weird things. When I had a dog I spent an hour picking out dog food out of fear I would choose "the wrong one." I also do this w/important things like picking car seats and when I was thinking of moving Hayden to the passenger side of the car--it took me a month to decide if it was a good choice. Can you say crrraazzy?

4- If it were legal, I would think of smoking pot on occasion no different than getting drunk on occasion.

5- I tend to put more into friendships than I get out-with the exception of a few good eggs ;-)-and regardless of how many times I recognize it or get let down I can't stop doing it.

6- Once I had a baby it was much easier to not care about anyone else's approval or view of me. It also became easier (and necessary) to weed out the asshats.

7- I pick my nose.

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  1. I pick my nose too! LOL. Now after #3, I definitely think you are weird. hehe.