Monday, October 18, 2010

A Note From Similac

I received this email and wanted to pass it on for any mamas who may be having trouble finding "untainted" formula..hope this helps someone!

As you know, we recently initiated a proactive, voluntary recall on Similac powder formula which has impacted many moms – in your playgroups, in our company and in our joint community. We’ve heard the frustrations, and we want to help.

One question we’ve heard moms ask about the recall is how to feed their LOs right now. We want to share with you – and with your readers, if you find it appropriate – that we’ve been working around the clock to get adequate supply of unaffected powder formula to stores. Anyone finding that their local store is out-of-stock can e-mail, and we’ll work on getting it resolved.

We also have both powder and liquid formula available to order at our online store: To help get formula into moms’ hands quickly, we are now offering free overnight shipping on powder formula for a limited time. So you and your readers can get what you need without making an extra trip to the store.


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