Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So he CAN do it....

Today was the test of all dad tests for Anthony. 
Hayden has been dealing with bronchilitus for about 2 weeks now. After not responding much to other meds her dr (who I am not a fan of and am leaving) has us doing breathing treatments 2 times a day and they seem to be helping. She is working on a productive cough and her faucet of a nose has stopped leaking (thank goodness because snot bubbles are not a good look for her.) She was out of school for a week and today was her first day back. Anthony drops her off every morning so this morning I did her treatment with her then I left for work. I get to work and see a missed call from Ant so I call him back. Hayden threw up in the car. She was coughing and must have chocked or gagged on phlegm (::gagging::) and threw up all over herself, blankie and ::gasp:: Anthonys back seat.

    Anthony plays the "I can't do it, Im going to throw up" card when confronted with vomit or serious poop but my suspicion was right..it was just a front. He was just dodging the duty (pun semi-intended.) That little sneaky pants! He totally manned mommed up today. He got her to school, cleaned her and changed her...all on his own. I guess when given no choice he can do all the things mommy can....almost.


  1. It's funny how they whip into shape when we're not around for back-up.
    I hope your little one is feeling better. It's no fun taking care of sick babies.