Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mommy Dearest

I literally just counted the hours until I could put H to bed. It had absolutely nothing to do with her..as horrible as this sounds, I just wasn't in the mood to be a mom. I wanted to cook myself dinner, eat it in peace, watch some tv and read my new book. I love my girl more than ice cream, cupcakes or cookies (if you know me at all, you know that that is the highest of compliments) but the last few days have been "eh" days for me in the mommy-hood department. I feel bad. I feel lazy and like a bad mom. We played but not as much as we should've..and if Im being honest it was really her playing while I contributed from a laying down position, and I let her watch tv more than I normally like to, just to give myself a break. I don't know if its the heat or if I am tired but I hope I get out of this mommy funk. Hopefully the heat will break and we can actually spend time outside..I really think that may be the culprit...that and having not hung out with friends in weeks.

This mommy funk got me thinking of all the things you can no longer do in peace once you have a baby...here are just a few but feel free to add to the list by leaving a comment!

Eat (especially in a restaurant)
Go to the bathroom
Put on make-up
Go to the beach/pool
Grocery shop
Go to the bank
"Run in" to anywhere
and just for fun here is a random throwback picture of Hayden


  1. Who among us has never counted the minutes until bedtime? I'd like to meet that mom. Mainly so I can throat punch her. You're not alone!

    Oh, and lol at the celery!

  2. oh boy. i feel ya. There are some days where i want to just tell my husband to come home from work just so i can go get a starbucks and drive around without hearing whining in the backseat. lol

  3. I've been there more days than I care to admit. It happens, it's okay!

  4. Been there done that. I will be there again many times. Its normal and its ok =) Thanks for being honest! It really makes me mad when I get to a starbucks and they don't have a drive thru so I have to unbuckle two kids and try to keep them from destroying the store while I order my coffee!!!! lol

  5. Can you please move to Tennessee? Because we need to be best friends. And eat cupcakes together.

  6. I am so glad I read this post. All this week my hubby has been out of town and it's been just me, baby girl and the dog. I have felt the same way. I've been in a weird funk all week and I just wasn't giving her (or anything, including me) my best. It's good to see other mamas admit that. Thanks for being so honest!