Friday, July 9, 2010

Random Words for the Week

-Have you ever let your kid wear a regular, non-swim diaper in the pool? It is amazing and hilarious how big they get--it totally made H look like she had a fupa (as inappropriate as that is.) I so wish I took a weighed about 10lbs. Impressive.

-Fuck you Lindsay Lohan. You are in no way above the are an actress-and an out of work one at that. You are a self righteous brat and it really pisses me off! I was a big fan..The Parent Trap, Mean Girls..I was on board because you were a great actress. I understand you got mixed up in the wrong crowd or whatever but take some responsibility for your actions. You went to jail for 4seconds for something that you should've served time for just like every other person would've. I don't care what D list movie you are working on...your excuses as to why you disobey court orders are obnoxious and straight up bullshit. It may be ridiculous that I feel so strongly about this but it really makes me mad that celebrities get to go to jail for a millisecond because of "over crowding" when others who do the same thing get months. I never thought Id say this but this actually gives me an ounce of respect for Paris least she owned up to her fuck up and took it like a woman. Maybe you will stay in jail long enough to sober up and realize that this is what you need and it might be your last chance to save the career you could've had.

-Sunday I got a glimpse of Haydens smile and thought it looked weird..after further inspection I saw that her 2 front teeth were chipped! WHAT THE SHIT?!
She didn't have a serious fall or get injured in any way. She didn't cry or bleed-just all of a sudden they were chipped. I ran to my camera to zoom in on pictures to see what her teeth were last normal and 2 days prior they were intact. We have no idea what happened or if this is normal. Do kids have soft teeth or something? We assume she was gnawing on something that caused is killing me that I don't know how my babys teeth got chipped! I really hope she doesn't look like a hillbilly when she is 2 and has a mouth full of teeth.
-I am going to Ikea today and I am so excited and kinda scared because I don't know that I can be trusted. Actually having money in my bank account and being in Ikea seems like a dangerous combination to me.

-I am ready for Fall. This heat is killing me.

-Is there anything cuter than 3day old puppies?

the answer is no, no there is not.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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  1. i love ur randomness. this one was especially random, i must say! and....I concur about "lilo"...could they get a more ridic name!?

  2. Those diapers make me laugh.

    Ikea is a dangerous place- good luck. ;)

  3. ooooh i want puppies!!! :) and by the way, i linked up to your "whats in your bag" blog hop today! :)

  4. Hey! I don't know if you remember me from TB (artsy_bride) because I hardly ever posted but I always loved your sense of humor and I'm glad to see you're blogging now! :)

  5. Artsy bride of course I remember you! So glad you're reading!!

  6. Oh yes, babies teeth are really soft. My daughter's four upper front teeth were messed up by, according to the dentist, how hard I wiped her teeth. I didn't think I was wipe them hard at all.

    Lindsay Lohan (sigh), she screwed up big time. I hope she turns her life around and be surrounded by good people.