Thursday, July 8, 2010

Things I Never Thought I'd Do...and then I became a Mom Part II

Blogging has become a part of my daily life..and yes, its as pathetic as it sounds. Randomly throughout my days an idea for a post dances across my brain and I know if I don't jot it down it will dance right out of this fabulously highlighted little head of mine. This means my iTouch is filled with scattered thoughts and much so that if anyone read it they may think I have a few personalities. 
Being a stay at home mama my days are baby-filled which, in turn, means filled with super random, weird & often desperate actions. As I do these questionable things I will catch myself saying "Oo, theres another one of those things I never thought I'd do!" ...and a part II post was born.

 ..I really never thought I'd...
  • Compare my child to a puppy..and so often
  • Have to say "We don't eat diapers!"
  • Love the smell of my baby even when she is smelly & as sticky as a movie theater floor
  • Do the one thing every kid says they won't do as a parent...lick my thumb and use it to clean her face
  • Wear a (clean) diaper on my head to get a laugh out of H
  • Want to wake up my baby just because I miss her (but I don't because that would qualify me for a ride on the short bus)
  • Give a passing mom a knowing smile just because it almost feels like you are members of the same club
  • Feel so deeply for others when their kids are sick 
  • Dip Hayden's meatballs & carrots in Italian dressing just to entice her to eat it (whatever-it worked!)
  • Have the urge to talk to every pregnant woman about her pregnancy (but I don't because thats annoying as hell)
  • Give my child a cell phone, tube of diaper cream, remote, wallet, DVD case, tampons or other inappropriate item just to entertain her long enough so I can change her diaper/stop her from melting down/get through the grocery store...and so on and so on.
Stay tuned because I am sure a part III is in my future since I am always 
surprising myself with the ridiculous things I do just to avoid a baby melt-down.


    1. seriously. the things i do also surprise me. amen sista.

    2. i do the smiling at other moms thing too and am always so offended when they don't smile back haha. i am also a fan of giving natasha a box of tampons or my wallet. she can sit and play with that stuff for hours!