Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Undomestic Confessions

I haven't delved into my semi-domestically challenged side much on here. Probably for a few of which is that it makes me feel lazy. I can cook and bake but do it rarely. I am working on doing it more because I know my husband likes it and its healthier than what we eat when I don't cook. I do believe my biggest domestic challenge is cleaning. As I've previously mentioned I grew up with a house-keeper..this was nice because instead of my dad having to clean the house when he was home from work we got to spend time as a family. In retrospect, however, I wish I had learned how to clean and care for a house properly. When I am with my MIL I see how she cares for her home, goes about cleaning her house and how it seems instinctual to her. Her mom was the same way so she got to watch that process growing up and duplicate it in her own home...I didn't have this "luxury"--so I am trying to teach myself. It may sound ridiculous and you're probably thinking "don't teach yourself..just do it!" Not so easy my fine followers. I often have to remind myself that these things need to be done on a regular basis and not just when I see its necessary.
I am conditioning myself to be domestic.
I started writing down random things that I considered to be part of my domestically challenged side...some of the things may gross people out but I assure you, our house is by no means "dirty".
  • I got super excited when I found disposable cups because it meant we could use them and not use the cups that need washing.
  • Every now and then I will buy paper plates just so we can get a break from having so many damn dishes in the sink/dishwasher (yes, you read that right: dishwasher. I don't even have to physically wash them but I apparently still need "a break" from them.)
  • I don't change out sheets weekly....or bi-weekly.
  • We had ice cream for dinner last week and then had a dinner-like snack later that night...and my husband made it.
  • We eat in bed more than anywhere else.
  • I could not tell you the last time I really cleaned our fridge or freezer.
  • Instead of Anthony & I having individual towels we have one towel on the rack and we both use it.....sometimes for about a week.
  • We don't have a washer/dryer and going to the laundro-mat super sucks so there have been times where I have let the laundry pile up so badly that Anthony no longer had underwear (and the man has a lot of underwear.)
  • When I actually do dust I will often only dust what I can see and not move lamps etc to dust underneath. 
  • I don't have a cleaning schedule whatsoever. I vacuum when I see its needed, I rarely mop my kitchen/bathroom floors because its such a PITA and I dust randomly when I see dust (and I usually will use a random napkin or stray sock to do it.) 
    That's as much as I'm going to embarrass myself for today (on here at least.) I know some of these things are gross and I am working on it. It is hard but I no longer have an excuse. I have been out of my parents house for over 6 years and this is something I need to do to set a good example for my daughter...but I'm not going to lie-when we have a house/can afford it, I will be hiring someone to do a full house cleaning once a month. Sure, by then Ill be better at cleaning but in no way will I enjoy it.
Hayden lecturing me on how to clean?


    1. you are so strong with these confessions! Heres a little confession of my own..i could NEVER be your roommate! haha I am way too OCD about cleanliness .. and yes, that can be a bad thing.

    2. haha Its weird bc whenever ive lived with someone I am always the cleaner of the two. I like things organized and put in their place so my stuff isnt everywhere...i just may have some dust on the boxes that Im keeping all my stuff in haha