Monday, July 5, 2010

Whats In Your Bag?

For all of my adult life I have been a carrier of huge purses. Every so often I would empty the contents of my purse in an attempt to cut stuff out but it was never enough to downsize to a smaller bag. The only time I was actually able to give my shoulder a break & carry a clutch or small purse was to an occasion like a wedding (and only because a large bag would look ridiculous) or if I were going to a bar or club (the few times that has happened.) I have always felt the need to have everything I might possibly need with me--not in a bag lady kind of way but in a prepared mommy type of way. The only problem was that I wasn't a mommy when I started carrying way more than necessary and now that I am a mommy I still carry way too much shit. BUT I feel that it is all necessary and I fear that if I take something out the next time I am out & about I will need it and it won't be there.

I decided to bare it all and show you

 Here is my bag
(It is a Hot Mama Handbag in case you were wondering)

Here is an aerial view....not too bad, right?

Here is the initial contents.

and here is the real contents.

Here is the run down of my bag:
Column 1
Graham crackers, taralles/teething biscuits nd...fortune cookies (judge all you want but when you are in public & your kid is works!)
Gum, Wet Wipes, pack of tissues, keys, pen, digital camera and H's straw cup.

Column 2
My clutch (its awesome for when I want to run into a store or run out without the baby, just grab it and go!), grocery list, fruit/granola bar for H, tampons, blistex and wallet.

Column 3
A coach make-up-type bag (it was a gift), emergency pad & tampons, lotion, bandaids, gas drops, teething gel, Natures Baby Soothing Stick (<3), Tide Stick, baby sunblock, baby SPF face stick, baby comb, Antibacterial gel, brush/mirror combo, Tylenol, my favorite lip gloss from The Body Shop and a pair of baby socks.

Column 4
Diapers/Wipes, emergency paci, Robeeze, a light sweater for H, hat for H, bib and a link/teething toy for H (i might actually get rid of this since she is over it & it doesn't even work at distracting her in restaurants anymore.)

Invisible Column 5
I often have my Canon Rebel XS in my bag as well..but I was using it to take the pictures for this post so..
Ok-be honest, am I a complete psycho or are most of these necessary items to have with me? I guess I should mention I also keep a small pack of diapers and wipes in my car as well as a change of clothes for H and a few sweaters/jackets. Shit, that does sound a little nuts.

Although, I do think this is quite a talent to
be able to fit all that stuff in a 17” w, 14” h, 4” d bag!

Ok, I showed you mine, now you show me yours!
If you have a blog create your own "What's In Your Bag?" post!

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  1. I love your bag, it is so cute!! I don't think you have too much stuff at all. As a mom you always need to be prepared! I actually got a couple of ideas of things I need to add to my bag from your post. I'll have to work on doing a "What's In Your Bag?" post too!

  2. can't wait to read it! Im actually going to start putting her crackers in an extra wipes case so they dont get crushed all the time

  3. I like that purse! And wow it's amazing what you have condensed and fit into that small bag:) That's a gift!!

  4. Cute bag!

    You are brave to open and show the contents of your bag. I have a huge bag and although I go through it regularly, it's always heavy and there are way too many things in it.

  5. I think everything in your bag makes sense. I didn't think any of that was ridiculous, I can only imagine all that I will carry when I have a baby! I carry way too much crap too, but I'll never be able to narrow it down, I've tried before. What I want to know is, where is your candy bar?! That KitKat you had saved me one day when my sugar was low and I was SUPER cranky, lol!

  6. I love the idea of the crackers in the wipe case, our Cheerios are always getting crushed. I might have to steal that idea! I have mine "What's In Your Bag" post up! Thanks for idea!

  7. ooooh i am sooo going to do this! :)
    i pretty much have everything you have in there BUT i keep a big diaper bag in the car that has extra clothes, dipes, wipes, etc so i dont have to carry them in my bag :)

  8. L and Alysha-make sure to add your posts onto the blog hop at the bottom of my post! I am starting to realize I dont need 5 diapers with me at all times LOL so now i carry one and some wipes and leave the rest in the car

  9. how fun!!! love your bag btw.....I just became a new follower and I am going to do this right now!!!

  10. Your not crazy you should see mine and failed to mention I have a backup of most things in the car plus of few additional items that might make look crazy. I am planner or overthinker what can I say.