Friday, July 2, 2010

Photo Friday

Now that Hayden is more active and curious (still not walking though ::grr::) I feel pressure to find things for us to do during the week that keep her entertained, work her motor-skills and stimulate her senses. The last 2 weeks have been full of us doing fun stuff and, of course, that means lots of pictures! I won't bore you with all the pictures but here are some of my favorites from our recent outings. :-)
How can I get mad at her love of ice cream 
when I know for a fact she got it from me?
There is an amazing spray yard by our house...and its free! 
After we played we had a picnic!
The girl loves her strawberries!
Her first attempt at going up a slide. 
(in case you were wondering..she made it!)
After H was dragged out of the indoor play area at the mall (she would've stayed all day) we rode the indoor carousel...and mommy was ready for it to stop spinning soon after it started.
After living in our condo for over 3 years we never ventured over to the pool. This was the first time we did...and it was awesome! There is a grassy area (total picnic potential) that H hung out in while I took some pictures.
 That weekend Daddy brought Hayden flowers with a note that simply read
"To Hayden  Love Daddy" :-)
He was so happy that he will forever be the person who gave her her first flowers
Being the animal-obsessed lady that I am I wanted to take H to a farm. I chose one I had never been too & kinda screwed that up because all they had were chickens and a goat. Luckily baby chicks were recently born there so it wasn't a total lost cause because I am a sucker for baby animals.
....and rows of pretty flowers.
Since its been sooo hot I had to find another indoor activity 
so off we went to the little aquarium on the boardwalk. 
For $10 it wasn't bad at all.
She was cool with looking at ugly ass frogs but when I put her up to the shark glass and a shark swam by her face....she was so not cool with that!
Like mother like daughter: Hayden loved the otters...and who wouldn't really?! They are so damn silly! They were mostly hanging underwater but once I put Hayden to the glass all 4 of them came up, right in front of was awesome.

Well I'm sure that may have been boring for some of you but I am
always excited when I come across new things to do with H that 
are either cheap or free... bonus points if it provides photo ops!
There is an awesome site for us New Jersey folk called
It is filled with info on fun stuff to do with kids 
and I am sure there are sites like it for other states so Google-it-up!

Have a good suggestion for fun stuff to do out of the house? 
Leave them in the comments!

**Have a Safe, Fun and beautiful holiday weekend!!**

...and be sure to leave a comment here to be entered to win a custom bib & burp cloth set!!


  1. What a great daddy to buy his little girl flowers! I'll have to give my hubby some tips. lol. Love all the pics of your little one having fun. Looking forward to when my gal is walking...well, not entirely looking forward to it (Lol) but, it will be fun to do these sorts of activities with her someday!

  2. I didn't know there was a pool in your complex! That's awesome, she may swim before she walks! I wish I could hang out with you guys and do all that fun stuff :)

  3. Looks like you two have had a fun 2 weeks! I'm so jealous you have so much fun stuff to do close by, you all are so lucky. I love the pictures, Hayden is so stinkin' cute! What a great daddy to get her flowers. So sweet!

  4. Your daughter is so cute. I love her name. What made you decide to pick it?

    Check the library, they may have some baby activities that are free and in the air conditioning.

  5. Thanks for reading queen!! Hayden was the only unique name my hubby would go with haha